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Sassy Cidre Brut  - 750ml ml - 5.2%

Sassy Cidre Brut - 750ml ml - 5.2%


Made from 100% Normandy bittersweet & acidulous cider apples (22 varieties) grown and harvested near the Chateau de Sassy. 
Perfect balance between the tradional dry taste of a cidre brut and the fruitiness of a semy-dry cidre. Smooth effervescence, full-bodied with apple and leather aroma, subtle balance between acidity, bitterness and roundness. 
5.2 % ABV Full-bodied with a balance of dry and fruity notes 22 varieties of apple Bright and golden Lightly sparkling Aromas of apple and leather 
Best enjoyed as an apritif or paired with white meats, cheeses and apple desserts. 
Best served at 8C. 
All our creations are 100% natural and without added sugars, colourings, additives, preservatives

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