Doubled Barrelled Defying Gravity  Pale Ale 4.5%

Doubled Barrelled Defying Gravity Pale Ale 4.5%


Defying Gravity is a 4.5% Sabro, Citra & Mosaic Pale Ale, Brewed with our friends at the Grumpy Goat in Reading to celebrate the launch of their new shop, and just about getting through 2020.

Pours pale yellow with punchy, dominant citrus zest on the nose with the Sabro hops bringing background notes of coconut, with stone fruits and citrus. Light on the palate with a crisp, moreish and slightly bitter finish.

The name is inspired by the brave and daring Rocky Mountain Goats of North America, who climb near vertical sheer cliff faces. It’s a nod of course to the love of goats; to taking leaps and braving scary jumps.

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