Little Pomona Disco Nouveau 2020  6.5%

Little Pomona Disco Nouveau 2020 6.5%


Made from hand picked, Discovery apples sourced from Cotswold Orchards, Worcestershire. Apples were milled  into the press on the 26th of August, blanketed them in CO2, and left them for 36 hours before pressing (a very short carbonic maceration). Fermenting as it left the press, we subsequently bottled it from the tank as a pét nat.

The idea behind this cider, is firstly to challenge the perception of cider being just a summer drink and secondly to focus on the vintage nature of fine cider.  Discovery (Disco for short) is a variety with a distinct personality and we set out to capture all its vibrancy.

    Created in partnership with Bonsai.