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Oliver's - Cheddar On My Mind 6.8%

Oliver's - Cheddar On My Mind 6.8%


Herefordshire, where Oliver's is based, is a region that knows good cheese, and it's a natural combination, one well known to cider makers & dating back centuries - drinking their ciders with the local cheeses. This collaboration was born to celebrate and champion the British countryside, and pay respect to the quality makers it holds; all that can be created with milk & the apple!
Sam and Tom spent a day together, blending to create a cider that would go well with a good handful of quality cheddars - from the artisan to be widely available. The hope is you will sit down and discover how the experience of drinking these two things together, changes and enhances each of them. Expect some classic Herefordshire cider apple varietal characteristics, accompanied by some barrel smoke, complimenting the savoury profile & smooth texture of your chosen cheddar; ideally a good farmhouse wedge!

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